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Dessert Wines

Ending a meal with a delicate dessert wine is a perfect way to finish eating.  They are known as dessert wines because we are used to consuming something sweet after our meal.  However, they can just as easily be enjoyed on their own, or even to accompany an already sweet dessert, rather than replacing it.

Popular Dessert Wines
There are various popular dessert wines, produced all over the globe.  The current most popular are:

    Tokaji Asz

    Facts about Dessert Wines

    1. The fruits used in dessert wines have been ripened on the vine.  This gives them a stronger flavour overall.  The overall taste of the wine is determined specifically by the flavour of the fruit, rather than the fermentation process.
    2. Dessert wines are around 14% proof, although the more traditional ones will not surpass 12.5%.  Hence, it is a very mild drink that will not get you drunk quickly.
    3. Generally, the more alcohol in the fruit, the more it has ripened.  However, a dessert wine is unfortified, otherwise it would become a port or even a spirit.
    4. There are many dessert wines that are not classed as alcoholic wines.  The vast majority of the low or non-alcoholic dessert wines are produced in Germany.  Here, most wines do not go about 8% proof.

    Dessert wines are low in alcohol and have a number of truly remarkable features.  Because of this, they are actually very versatile wines.  It is possible to make the wine sweeter when it ferments if additional spirits are added.  However, these wines are fortified, which changes their actual makeup slightly.  The strongest dessert wine that has not been fortified is around 15%, but these wines are taxed very highly.  A good example is the Zinfandel wine, which is reasonably expensive compared to other dessert wines.

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