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Catalonian beer makers, Damm Brewery, have been adding a touch of class and inventiveness to the Spanish drinks market since 1876.

The Damm brand is one of the oldest and most well known in Spain and their beers have been drank around the world since they were first exported and launched in America in the 1940s.

For the past 130 years, Damm’s creation of a wide selection of interesting beers has helped convey the company’s spirit and their commitment simultaneously to tradition and change.

The flagship beer of the Damm range is the Estrella Damm a pale lager beer which has gone on to become one of the most widely enjoyed beers in the Barcelona. The beer is instantly recognisable due to its bold gold star on the red label which evokes a sense of Spain

However Damm does a lot more than just produce Estrella with many other interesting beers in their canon such as the Voll-Damm – a strong 7.2% full bodied beer in a German style. But one of the most interesting in the range is Damm Lemon – a very unique Mediterranean shandy. Made from six parts of beer and four parts of lemon, the style of beer was ingeniously created by an anonymous barman and now the traditional recipe lives on through the Damm Brewery.

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