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Cuban Rum

Cuban Rum

The origins of rum are somewhat unknown, as beverages matching the description have been littered amongst history, as far back as ancient India and China. However the modern foundations for the spirit were built in the Caribbean around the 17th century. The word itself has several meanings it could have stemmed from; The Latin for sugar which is saccharum, the Romani word rum meaning strong or potent or even the Old English words rumbullion or rumbustion, which translate to uproar, which is plausible considering the aftereffect on those who had consumed the beverage.

Rum was produced on multiple Caribbean islands, but Cuba enjoyed the most success from it, having the perfect climate for producing sugar cane and other ingredients and could utilise it to great effect as a manor of currency or trading. Large Cuban rum brands that are still well known today such as Bacardi and Havana Club both became big names in the 19th and early 20th centuries and continued to grow until the communist revolution in the 1960’s suppressed the companies. Bacardi relocated to Puerto Rico, while Havana Club could not get out in time and were taken over by Castro’s new communist regime, who sold the rum mostly to the Soviets. The trade restrictions placed on Cuba since the revolution has meant that all the ingredients and production methods have remained traditional and the quality has not decreased. Following the better relations in recent years, the world can now marvel at the quality of some of the best Cuban rum on offer.

There are many different rum styles available across our range and Cuba showcases some of the best.

White Rum

White rum can also be called clear rum or blanco rum and is often lighter than alternative rum types and it has a milder or tamer flavour. These types of rum are perfect for use in cocktails as they provide a great rum taste without the added colour or harshness. They are often slightly cheaper than their darker counterparts as they are only normally matured for a year before the colour is filtered out, meaning they are cheaper to produce and are usually only 40% of 80 proof.

Gold Rum

Gold rum or amber rum takes it colour from the barrels that they are matured in, adopting an amber hue during this process. The flavour profile of a gold rum is that of vanilla, citrus, coconut, caramel and almonds, which makes it a versatile spirit that can be consumed neat or over the rocks, as well as in a cocktail where a fuller rum flavour is required. It can also be used in desserts. Gold rums tend to be aged longer than lighter rums to bring out the colour and flavours and they are great value compared to older rums that have been extensively aged.

Dark Rum

Dark rums are called as such to separate them from light coloured rums and can refer to rum that is amber to black in colour as well as rums that have been aged. This type of rum is often aged for longer periods in oak barrels in order to develop the darker colour and a more prolific range of flavours. They are usually consumed neat, but can be used in cocktails to offer contrast to lighter ingredients. These types of rums are usually more expensive due to either age, rarity or because they are harder to produce.

There are other types of rums, such as spiced, navy, black, overproof and vintage, which are all available on our website, as long as pirates don’t get there first.

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