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Crabbies Brewery

Crabbies Brewery was started in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1801 by Miller Crabbie. Whilst it was Miller Crabbie who started the company, it was his son John Crabbie who developed the talent for capitalising on the port of Leith. The access to the port allowed Crabbies to have access to ingredients from around the globe, including high quality ginger and exotic spices. Even with these excellent ingredients Crabbies went into Liquidation in 1848 and was bought by Macdonald & Muir who were fellow Leith distillers. In 2007, it was sold to its current owners, Halewood International, giving us the Crabbies Brewery we know and love today.

One of the key things that everyone recognises about Crabbies Beer is it iconic elephant logo. The elephant logo symbolises Crabbies 200 year heritage and its links to excellent ingredients as elephants were used by importers to explore and get hold of ingredients.

Crabbies is sold in many different forms throughout the world, including the beers we sell here at Beers of Europe.

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