Coronado Brewing Co

Brewed in the sunny state of California, Coronado Brewing Beers creates the taste of sunshine in a bottle. In 1996, brothers Ron and Rick Chapman opened a brewpub in the heart of their hometown, Colorado.  They aimed to brew an exceptional beer that celebrated their islander roots. They began production and over the years, demand increased rapidly. The brothers couldn’t keep up until finally a state of the art brewery with a thirty-barrel brew house was built in 2012. Today the brothers can be found sipping a cold beer in the sunny state, respecting the art of quality craft making beer.

How it’s made

Coronado beers are brewed in modern; state of the art barrels.

 The taste

Best enjoyed with friends in the sun, alongside a chicken dish, the taste of beers such as Orange Avenue Wit are refreshing, zesty and complex. Made with spiced Californian style wit and locally sourced orange blossom honey, the beer has hints of bread, spice and is fairly mild. The mixture of these tempting ingredients is thirst quenching. 

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