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With a rich heritage of 350 years, Coors doesn’t have just one heritage. It has four. Coors is part of the hugely successful Molson Coors enterprise, which is renowned for creating Carling, Cobra, Molson and of course, Coors. Adolph Coors, who was a penniless brewer’s apprentice, stumbled across the perfect water in Clear Creek at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Coors is now enjoyed worldwide along with Blue moon, which was founded by Keith Villa who was inspired by Belgian tastes and twists. Keith loves to experiment with flavours and has gone on to produce award-winning beers. When he’s not standing over a kettle, you can find him restoring classic American cars and bikes in his garage.

How it's made

Brought to life through cold activating bottle, Coors light is fermented in ice-cold temperatures to ensure a crisp finish. Fermenting for Coors takes between eight to ten days in order for the beer to mature and when the beer has reached perfect harmony, it his filtered in cold tanks to remove any impurities. In order to make Blue Moon, the brewers select the finest ingredients and take time making test batches until they reach a full balanced taste and a flavourful beer.

The taste

Thanks to the yeast, Coors has a light and crisp taste with subtle fruit notes of apple and banana. It finishes with bitterness with hints of pleasant sweetness. Blue Moon is spiced with fresh coriander and orange peel, which refreshes the palate. It has an uncommonly smooth finish and is medium bodied- a perfect compliment to seafood, pork and chicken. 

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