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Coopers Brewery

Coopers Brewery was started in 1862 by Thomas Cooper and is Australia’s largest family owned brewery. Over the years Coopers Brewery has seen many changes but has always kept to their mission of bringing a fusion of modern ideas with Coopers’ brewing tradition to their beers. This, along with new age brewing equipment , allows them to produce more beers than ever before.

2001 saw the biggest move of Coopers Brewery with their completion of a $40 million (AUD) project that went towards the relocation, building and equipment of the brewery. One of the newest pieces of equipment incorporated was a Meura mash filter (the only one in Australia), which allows them to filter up to 12 brews per day. Ten years later in 2011 they introduced a second mash. The Brewhouse was designed with the idea to allow a second mash tun this is because mashing is the longest part of the brewing process. This extra mash tun has allowed Coopers to get to their highest capacity, an increase of 50%.

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