Cool Apple Ltd

Cool Apple Ltd
Cool Apple Ltd enjoys a high historical reputation in the cider making business. Starting as a family business in 1878, it has experienced generations and generations of cider making experts and traditions. The company was started in Herefordshire by Henry Weston who used fruits from farm orchards to make cider and Perry. He triggered a tradition where people all over the region embraced cider drink as part of their lives. Two years later, Weston could not help but start cider making for commercial purposes as a result of the threats posed by other manufacturers who imported the drink from other British Empire sources. It is notable that through that long time, Westons Cider has grown to be one of the leading and most popular cider brands in the UK and beyond. The brand reaches, with its more than 30 different variants more than 40 other countries across the globe.

The process of making the drink
Cool Apple uses traditionally perfected brewing process that has no comparison to another. Only top quality cider apples are used in the production of this precious drink. Different varieties of these ciders are used in order to create different tastes and flavours. The characteristic, traditional and artistic recipe is used in the blending and fermentation process that gives the drink that unique potency and aroma in Westons Cider. Desert fruits and cooking apples are also used in some areas making the drink characteristically sweet and sharp.

Various flavours
Westons Cider comes in different tastes and flavours for different consumers. Among the most popular flavours include Stowford Press Medium Dry, Westons Old Rosie, Westons Oak Conditioned, Wyld Wood Organic, Westons original Perry, Henry Westons Vintage among other prominent brands in the same family. This means that the company strives to ensure that there is every taste for every single individual according to his or her particular wishes.

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