Clown Shoes Beer

With controversial labels that humour and shock, Clown Shoes beer doesn’t take it’s self too seriously. But that’s not to say their beers are anything less than exceptional. They produce beers without pretention and strive to entertain the taste buds with quirky and fun flavors. Gregg Berman founded the brewery in 2009 after he and his friends submitted the name Clown Shoes Beer in to a beer advocate competition. Failing to reach the top five, Gregg had an epiphany and became determined to create his own batch of beer. Unbeknown to him, the brand would become huge and demand for his whimsical beers was set to increase dramatically.

How it’s made

Whilst the methoud behind the creation of Clown Shoes Beer is a secret, in order to choose which of their batches to produce as brands, an unusual process occurs. The team at the brewery undergoes tasting tests and rate which beers have the most desirable flavours. Beer poles are never dismissed in the eccentric world of Clown Shoes and you could say this methoud has proven to be effective with some of the most intense flavours of beer being produced from this brewery.

The taste

Clown Shoes creates refreshing tastes that smack the senses. Many of their beers have English roots with a hoppy finish and it’s not uncommon to sense hop bitterness when sipping one of their popular flavours, Brown Angel. Their beers are so diverse in taste with an array of ingredients and selections that you really need to sample one of their quirky additions. 

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