Cigar City Brewing

Florida has been regarded as a beer wasteland and in many instances, especially in Florida’s modern era that reputation has been deserved. Introducing Cigar City Brewing who aims to sharply change that perception. They are a pedigree of brewing in the sunshine state and are at the epicenter of Florida’s brewing past in the city of Tampa.  Joe Redner founded Cigar City Brewing in 2008 with two goals in mind. The brewery strives to make a beer that reflects the local heritage of Tampa Bay, Florida and is determined to craft the best beer in the world. Made in a culture famous for the production of cigars, their beers pair well with strong flavors such as coffee and chocolate.

How it’s made

Cigar City Brewing creates their beers with a conscious appreciation for the unique culture in Florida. Brewed with passion using copious amounts of real passion fruits, this craft beer is fermented in oak barrels.

The taste

The brewers have produced beers that are remarkably full flavoured with notes of caramel, toffee, espresso and roasted peanuts. Perfect for dark autumn nights and accompanied with a cigar, the elements embrace you into a warm blanket of flavour. Cigar City Brewing has also produced a fruity, sweeter beer, with distinct red highlights that pour clearly. Paired with a chocolate desert, this harmony will have you tantalized. 

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