Churchill Ciders

Churchill Ciders
Churchill ciders are made from Spalding Lincolnshire. They are home-made drinks from a hobby that expanded and turned to a business. These drinks were made available to the public just recently and are made from locally collected apples. It is notable that the business is quite young having been in existence for slightly above 15 years and made available to the public recently. Out of the fact that these apples are collected locally from people’s backyards, one cider drink usually have ingredients of between five and 12 different kinds of apples. This enriches the potency of the drink and separates it from other mass-produced ciders. Using this brand identifies one with an original and noble idea as well as communicates the need for keeping to your roots.

The process of making the drink
The process of making Churchill Ciders starts from the apple collection stage. These apples are hand collected and washed thoroughly to observe the highest levels of hygiene. The apples are then pulped and pressed. The pressing is done using a traditional oak press in a manual and professional manner. It is then left to ferment in a natural way. The best thing here is that there is no filtering done and everything is left to happen naturally and effortlessly. Remember this is a one man dance process and sometimes given a helping hand by his beloved wife. Labeling and bottling is done at home giving the drink such an original status like no other. The drink does not contain any artificial additives.

Churchill ciders come in different flavours and variants. Due to the fact that different numbers of apple variants are used in the making of these drinks, the drink comes in Spalding Scrumpy flavour, Fenland Gold and Yellowbelly. If you want to have 8.6% ABV, then you need to try the fourth Churchill cider variant called Headwrecker.

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