Church End Brewery

Church End Brewery

Church End Brewery is based in Shustoke, Warwickshire where it produced its first brew in 1994 behind the Griffin Inn in an old coffin workshop. The aim of Church End Brewery is to create a brilliant range of cask conditioned beers using some of the finest materials they can get their hands on, including floor malted barley and whole hops.

The Church End Brewery plant started its life with mainly second hand equipment which had a production capacity of four barrels each brew made.

Since the brewery began, they have continued to grow and their range now includes over forty unique brews, including:

• Fruit beers produced with real fruit

• Herb beers made with fresh herbs

• Wheat beers created using malted wheat

• Black beers made from chocolate malt

• Honey beers produced using real honey

The brewery is now located in a refurbished social club. Since 2008 they have had upgrades that have allowed them to produce 20 barrels per brew, these upgrades mainly came from the UK and include greener refrigeration and gas burners which has already shown great savings in their energy costs.

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