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Chimay Brewery

Chimay Brewery is located in Southern Hainaut, Belgium and based in the Scourmont Abbey which is a Trappist monastery. They have been producing beer since 1862. As a Trappist monastery, Chimay Brewery is one of only eleven breweries that produce Trappist beer (so called because it is made in a Trappist monastery). Chimay was in fact the first brewery to use the Trappist designation on its labels. They produce three of the most recognisable ales in the world Chimay Rouge, Chimay Bleue and Chimay Blanche and one not so recognisable patersbier which are made only for the monks.

Chimay beer is sold to make money to support the monastery as well as good causes; this is how all Trappist breweries work. While the money made by the brewery helps pay for the brewery’s upkeep, most of the money made is given to charities and improvements to the region around the brewery.

One charm of Chimay beer is that the water used to produce the brews is from a well that is sited inside the monastery walls. To help the efficiency of the brewery, in 1988 the brewing equipment was upgraded. This upgrade has helped them to increase production, which is shown by the fact that as of 2005 they now make 12000000 litres per year.

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