Carlsbery Brewery

Carlsbery Brewery
Famed with the invention and production of Somersby cider drink, Carlsbery Brewery has edged a unique reputation that has spanned ages. It is therefore not surprising that the drink has elicited a lot of incitement and delight amongst its growing clientele and class all over the UK and other places beyond Europe. Started and first produced by Lord Somersby, the drink has been a choice for many since 1749 including famous recent historical figures. It has been whispered, and to a convincing extent that famous personalities such as Cleopatra, Napoleon and Newton found the drink awesome and delighted in taking it. It is therefore quite explicit that the drink has been used widely throughout its long existence. It is also true that among the many discoveries that were made by Lord Somersby, the greatest of all was the drink and its uniqueness. Many consumers have come to find lots of joy from the four variants of Somersby cider.

How is the drink made?
The making process of Somersby cider involves fermenting apple, pear and blackberry fruits. The brewing process uses out of the ordinary recipe that ensures that the drink gets that distinctive taste that separates it from other brands in the market today. After the fermentation process, natural fruit flavours are added to give it that consummate and fantastic taste that leaves the throats of its users yearning for more. The process avoids in its entirety, inclusion of artificial flavours or colours. This makes the drink a natural choice for all.

The four flavours
Carlsbery Brewery has all reasons to boast. In its Somersby cider brand, there are four refreshingly appealing variants at the effortless disposal to its happy consumers. Each variant is made through a perfect fermentation process using pears, apples or blackberries to make such an enticing cider drink. There are therefore Somersby Apple, Somersby Pear, Somersby Blackberry and Apple Lite which has lesser calories than its original counterpart.

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