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Cambridge Brewing Co

Guaranteed to raise a smile, Cambridge Brewing Co. was founded in 1989. These pioneers of experimental taste and hand crafted original beers have won numerous awards regionally, nationally and internationally. The team let creativity reign and their out of the box thinking has produced exceptional tastes.

How it’s made

Cambridge Brewing produces beers that have been prepared with perfection, care and attention to detail. Innovation and inspired thinking has led to a list of impressive beers, which can be complimented by an array of delicious foods. Many of their beers are hopped to an audacious degree and have aggressive flavors. The freshest of ingredients are sourced from all over the world and are boiled in a brew kettle. Generous portions of Pilsner and Vienna malts give a hazy golden color to one of the popular selections, The Audacity of Hops. Whole black, white, pink and green peppers are added to the brew kettle in order to make Sgt. Pepper Beer which is harmonized with spicy hops, malted rye and Belgian yeast.

The taste

With so many diverse flavors, Cambridge Brewing has a selection for all pallets. A floral grassiness dominates the nose with fruity hints of bright citrus in a lighter, crisper beer yet in contrast, a rich, deep malty flavor can be discovered in the ridiculously big hop monster that is Red God. American pale and Belgian caramel malts create a deep red flavor worth savoring. The beautiful blend of tastes creates a fanatics perfect beer adventure.


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