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Cairngorm Brewery

Cairngorm Brewery has been producing craft beer since 2001 and is based in the Cairngorms National Park village of Aviemore which sits in the Scottish Highlands.

Cairngorm beers are made from a 20 barrel Brewhouse that can make 6500 litres every day. They produce both permanent and seasonal cask beers which allow them to create a range of flavours, many of which are bottled into 500ml bottles.

Cairngorm has a mission to keep their traditionally brewed recipes going while looking forward to new brews, styles and tastes. They achieve this by the use of old and new malt along with hop varieties to add new twists to the beer they produce.

Cairngorm Traditional Beers Include:

Black GoldWildcatStag

Cairngorm Contemporary Beers Include:

Trade Winds • Blessed Thistle • Autumn NutsWhite LadyCaillie • Red Mountain

Cairngorm brewery have also put together a list of awards they have collected over the years including Champion Beer of Scotland 2004, UK Champion Best Bitter in 2008 and Speciality Beer of Britain in 2004, 2005, 2006 with their beer Trade Winds. They also won Champion Beer of Scotland again in 2005 with their beer Black Gold.

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