Bulmers Cider

Bulmers Cider
Like its rich taste, Bulmers Cider has a rich heritage to itself. Commercial production of this delicacy was started locally by William Magner in Dowd’s Lane Clonmel, Ireland. Within few short years, Magner combined his cider production experience and prowess with English cider producers by the name of H.P. Bulmer and Company of Hereford in 1937. It is not until 1946 that Magner pulled out of the picture thereby Bulmers name becoming the name to contend with in the cider making business in Ireland back in 1949. From this beginning, the brand has assumed an international reputation and has moved its production to Annerville, a completely modern and state-of-the-art production plant. The brand has amazed many a competitors with its concrete and transformative brewing prowess and marketing strategies. You can now sample the drink in as far places as Hong Kong, New York, Nairobi and the rest of the continents.

How the drink is made
The process of making Bulmers Cider is simple and natural. Using traditional brewing techniques and natural ingredients only, the process of brewing is closely monitored for quality and potency. Special care and attention is paid in the process of harvesting cider apples, selection of high quality of the same as well as ensuring the right and professional blending of these ciders. An entire combination of 17 different varieties of cider apples are used to produce the distinct rich taste and flavour of the famed and popular Bulmers Original Irish Cider. A water stream is used to convey the apples to presses where juice is extracted. After this, the process goes to fermentation where special strains of yeast are added to aid the process that lasts a month.

Special Flavours
For different consumers, Bulmers Cider comes in different special flavours. This means that every consumer taste is respected and taken care of. Among the most popular flavours include Bulmers Irish Cider Original, Bulmers Pear, Bulmers Berry, Bulmers Light and Bulmers Mid-Strength. This means that whether one is looking for a nice way to spend the weekend, or an irresistible way of spending time with friends, there is every taste for that special occasion.

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