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Bulgarian Wine

When hearing the word “wine”, most people think of France.  However, the oldest wine producing area in Europe is in fact Bulgaria.  Even before the Greeks and the Romans started to rule the Ancient World and brought wine to the masses, the lands that are now known as Bulgaria were producing the nectar of the gods.  Perpericon is found in the south of the country, which is the temple dedicated to Dionisos, the God of Wine.

Some Wine History
Achaeans received wine on a daily basis outside of the camps near Troy’s ships, which is described in Homer’s Iliad.  Interestingly, the location of these camps was Ismarus, a Thracian city.  Ismarus is the south of what we now know as Bulgaria.
The wines of Bulgaria have remained famous over the ages.  In fact, Winston Churchill himself regularly ordered barrels of red wine made in Bulgaria.  Even at the height of the Second World War, he continued to place his consignments for these wines.

Another interesting story is found in Agatha Christie’s “Murder on Orient Express”.  In the story, the bourgeoisie of Europe travels on the Orient Express between Paris and Constantinople, traversing Bulgaria.  The wines served on board were all Bulgarian wines, and there are numerous mentions in the book of how much the wine is appreciated.  
The wines are truly unique and ancient.  Interestingly, one of the greatest importers of Bulgarian wines today is Hong Kong.

Why Try Bulgarian Wine?
Bulgarian wines are different and distinct and they will allow you to impress your guests at any wine tasting event.  Each region has a type of grape that is completely unique and many of the grapes from Bulgaria have been the roots of other grapes used in countries across the world now.  When tasting a modern variety of wine, you may not even realise just how big the role of Bulgarian wines has been in creating that particular bottle.

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