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Brand & Heritage
A stunning 14 generations back, Gabriel Showering introduced the Brothers cider brand to the public houses of Shepton Mallet, Wells and Glastonbury. This was way back in 1658 and amazingly the Brothers brand has continued to grow and its quality improve, generation after generation. Two centuries after the introduction of the Brothers Cider, the first Brothers Pub was opened in 1842. This was the Kings Arms located in Shepton Mallet. More pubs were introduced including the Black Swan, also located in Shepton Mallet. Business grew tremendously as more and more people came to know the Brothers brand of cider and were a big supplier to the troops in the Second World War.

How it made
Coming up with the exceptional Brothers Cider taste has taken all of 14 generations of cider makers. This exceptionally unique cider which is best served chilled brings about a combination of different tastes and a mixture of different flavors to give you that refreshing taste one can only get from a Brothers Cider. The making of Brothers Cider involves the use of superior quality, specially grown yeast which is then fermented under intense pressure ensuring that the cider retains all its carbonation, unlike other cider brands which tend to pump in CO2 at the end of the brewing process. This brewing method results in an amazingly bubbly cider that stays fizzy longer than any of the other cider brands out there in the market.

Throughout the centuries, the Brothers brand of cider has evolved into a number of specially tasting flavors that have been tried and tested, tweaked and twiddled to give the end result of a brand that stands out in a class above the rest. This bubbly and fizzy cider offers up a wide range of flavors with the most refreshing qualities that are ideal for every season.

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