Brixton Brewery

Brixton Brewery

Brixton Brewery was brought to life in 2013 making it one of the newest additions to London’s growing beer industry. The idea of the Brixton Brewery first came when two couples (Mike and Xochitl and Jez and Libby) met at the old Hive Bar, which has now been made into Craft Beer Co, where they discussed their passion for beer and opening their own local brewery.

This dream later turned into reality when the Brixton Brewery was born with the converting of a railway arch in Brixton’s market district. Their aim was to bring a great brewery into their neighbourhood, a place that they and south London could be proud off. Their passion shows in their great selection of unique beers that are packed with flavour.

Brixton beers are hand crafted using traditional techniques. They are unfiltered and unpasteurised, making them fresh and full of flavour. These beers are produced in small batches so you should appreciate every sip.

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