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British Wine

The United Kingdom is perhaps not best known for its wines, but you may be surprised to hear that there are actually more than 400 vineyards in English.  Collectively, they produce more than 2 million bottles of wine each year, some having won numerous awards.  The biggest vineyard in England is Denbies, Dorking, which is a 250 acre vineyard just 20 miles outside of London.

Quality Wines and Table Wines
There are two main types of wine in England, being the “quality wine” and the “table wine”.  Quality wines are put through incredibly stringent controls.  Table wines do not have any quality assurance processes.  However, there are some truly scrumptious table wines to be found, so do not dismiss them out of hand.

The Types of Wines in England
There are three types of wines in England, whites, reds and sparkling.

White Wines
These wines come in a huge variety.  The vast majority of white, English wines are very floral and have high levels of acidity.  They are particularly refreshing wines and can be enjoyed on gorgeous summer days.

Red Wines
It was long believed impossible for England to produce any red wine.  However, there are now numerous red wines out there, some being mellow, others being light.  There are now even some full-bodied red wines out there.

Sparkling Wines
England has seen its greatest success in sparkling wines.  The soil in Britain is very similar to the soil of the Champagne region.  Furthermore, because the climate is quite edgy, English sparkling wines are truly great.  Did you know that there have been a number of blind-tasting international competitions, and the English sparkling wines have beaten the best of the Champagnes in each of these competitions?
Clearly, British wines are a force to be reckoned with.  From large, international vineyards near London to small local companies in Wales, the country truly has it all.

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