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British Cider

British Cider

Cider is Britain’s oldest alcoholic drink, with production dating back way before the Norman Conquest. Although the sale of British cider has experienced ups and downs over the years, we are currently experiencing a boom in sales, especially of cider produced using traditional British methods.
It is not hard to find a high quality cider in Britain. There are many well-known cider producing regions which include Somerset and the West Country, Wales, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. Each region uses a variety of apple variants to create some of the world’s best cider with flavours ranging from dry to sweet.

History of Cider in the UK
Although it is thought that cider was being produced in Britain before the Norman invasion, the Normans did have a huge influence on the production of cider in the UK. After the invasion the sale of cider was booming, however during the Black Death and the War of the Roses many orchards full of cider apple trees were burnt to the ground.
During the eighteenth century cider was often used as a form of payment for people working on farms. The farmers would create their own cider using the apples from the trees going on their land. It became illegal to pay employees with alcohol in the 19th century.

British cider facts
Did you know that many of the top British chefs recommend using cider in dishes? Yes cider works particularly well with British ingredients and is often a great replacement for spirits and wines that would normally be used in certain dishes.
Here at Beers of Europe we are proud to offer our customers the finest selection of British cider. If you are looking to refresh yourself and quench your thirst on a hot summer’s day, an ice cool British cider will do just the trick!

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