Bristol Beer Factory

Bristol Beer Factory

Bristol Beer Factory has a long and interesting history. Whilst it was only started in 2004, it has a story reaching back to 1820’s. The original brewery was built back in the 1820’s by Thomas Baynton and was called ‘The Ashton Gate Brewery Co Ltd’ until 1868, when it was changed to 'Hardwick & Co' for unknown reasons. It was later changed back to ‘The Ashton Gate Brewery Co Ltd’ in 1883. The Ashton Gate Brewery Co Ltd eventually closed its gates in 1933 and it wasn’t until 2004 that brewing was reintroduced to the site in the form of Bristol Beer Factory.

The actual building where Bristol Beer is produced is the old fermenting block of the Ashton Gate Brewery that was built onto the brewery in 1904.

Back in 2004 the Bristol Beer Factory was producing a few standard casks of conditioned ales. These few standard casks soon developed into seven regular cask ales and up to five specials which appear throughout the year as well as 8 different regular bottles ales. Bristol Beer Factory are known for always wanting to try new things so we look forward to seeing what they develop over the coming years.

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