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We go back in history, to the early 18th century. The call for beer from the then colonies in the overseas territories was great. But the traditional ales couldn’t withstand the 6-month-long ocean voyage. Fortunately, by adding an extra dose of hops, the shelf-life could be lengthened and the beer ‘survived’ the long, tropical voyage to the Indian Continent. Hence its brand name ‘India Pale Ale’ or I.P.A for short. Brigand I.P.A. is an amber-coloured beer, 6.5% abv, with a bitterness of ca. 40 EBU. The renowned Poperingegrown (Belgium) hop figures prominently in this new chapter of the Brigand story.


Relive – with Brigand IPA – the historical, adventurous colonial era; we hereby wish you a pleasant trip, full of exciting discoveries
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