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Brewdog Brewery

Back in 2007 two young Scots, bored senseless of the current selection of lagers and ales dominating the market, managed to get themselves a loan in order to rent a building where they could brew small batches to sell at local markets. Armed with a bit of cash to pair their passion of being the next big thing in brewing, Brewdog was born. They set out to convince the world that craft beer is worth getting excited about, a dream they keep firmly by theirs sides today.

Just 8 years later, Brewdog now employs over 500 people who work in their new state of the art brewery or in one of 44 bars and restaurants across the world. They have been awarding the fastest growing company in the UK food and drink industry, have 32,000 shareholders, and even have their own American TV series.

But enough about the company. Brewdog are more than capable of letting its creations speak for themselves. Punk IPA, Jack Hammer, Dead Pony Club, just to name a few, have become a core range with a fierce reputation any brewery would be jealous of. Available in supermarkets and pubs across the country, almost everyone out for a drink is influenced by Brewdog. They have produced a range of world’s strongest beers competing against German brewery Schorschbrau. Starting with Tactical Nuclear Penguin, brewed at 32%, brewing Sink the Bismarck at 41% and finishing with The End of History 55%, which was bottled creatively using squirrels and taxidermy, we will let you picture that for a moment.

The range of beer styles is ever growing, confronting the fairly new ground of alcohol free with Nanny State and the gluten free Vagabond Pale Ale with apparent ease. In addition, brewing the world’s strongest canned beer Black Eyed King Imp Vietnamese Coffee Edition is just another world record Brewdog have under their belt at 12%. Brewing more specials than we can keep track of means that we will always have a large variety of Brewdog products here at Beers of Europe and a deep respect for their art, passion and their beers. The future is certainly Brewdog’s, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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