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Brakspear Brewery

The Brakspear Brewery dates back to 1779 where it was based in Henley and was closed in 2002. Due to a 1 million redevelopment at the Wychwood Brewery we saw the Brakspear brewing equipment moved and installed at Wychwood including Brakspear’s original Copper which dates from 1779. Another Brakspear Brewery item which was also moved was the “Double Drop” fermentation vessels, these vessels are the ones used to produce both Brakspear Bitter and Brakspear Triple.

With the Brakspear Brewery move to Wychwood Brewery now complete, Wychwood now finds itself in procession of six square wooded fermenter and two circular vessels which are located in the roof eves. The positioning of the vessels makes it into a “double drop” system that allows Brakspear customers to get their hands on that unique character beer they love. This “Double Drop” method that Brakspear uses actually makes the Brakspear beers some of the last beers in the UK to still be brewed in this way.

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