Blank Stein (Dimple Sided) 1L
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Blank Stein (Dimple Sided) 1L

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Blank Stein Dimple Sided 1L German Glasses from Beers of Europe.

Despite how common the association between steins and German beer is, the term stein is not one used in the German Language, preferring Krug or Steinkrug instead. The term is widely used outside of Germany and is thought to have derived from the word Steinzeugkrug which loosely translates as Stone Tankard. Traditionally a stein would have been made from stoneware or porcelain, however since the first commercial appearance of the glass stein at the 1892 Oktoberfest it has become the standard material due to its superior hygiene, and plays a crucial role in the marketing and general image of Oktoberfest and German beer in general. Attempts to replace the glass with a plastic stein for safety reasons were met with wide protests and never took off, securing the glass stein’s status as a piece of German engineering everyone can approve of.

The vast history of German brewing, which stretches back to the 11th Century, often leads to the assessment that they are some of the most committed brewers in the world and the claim would not be far wrong. Over the years, they have fought off disease and war, as well as negotiating their very own Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law) in order to bring this beer to you today. 

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