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Discover the iconic Astra Urtyp, a classic embodiment of the German Pilsner style, renowned for its crisp and refreshing taste. Brewed with precision in the heart of Germany, this beer is a testament to the country’s rich brewing heritage. Astra Urtyp boasts a subtle 4.9% ABV, offering a light, yet flavorful profile with a fine balance of malt and hops, resulting in a smooth finish that’s both satisfying and invigorating. The brewery behind Astra Urtyp takes pride in crafting a beer that’s both traditional and contemporary, appealing to a wide range of palates. For those eager to experience a genuine German Pilsner, Astra Urtyp is available at Beers of Europe, promising a taste that’s as authentic as it is enjoyable.

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  1. Graeme Owen

    Hamburg’s finest- I was delighted to see this was available to buy having drank my own weight in the stuff while over there recently. Great beer to have in when a few friends are around for the football…

  2. Colin Swindon

    Golden light with a white froth , aroma is grainy and sweet malt with a hint of spice and taste of cough candy twist and malted milk biscuits with a clean dry finish .

  3. JW

    Initially tried this beer in the St Pauli region of Hamburg and absolutely loved it. Been over 3 times in total and it’s all I put away when there! Very easy to drink be it bottle or draught. Never felt terrible after a session on it either 🙂 Recommended!

  4. Jeffrey Hanley

    Was so glad to find this available in the UK after falling in love with the beer and the brand in Hamburg!
    Has a light enjoyable taste and is refreshing when drunk ice cold.
    Highly recommended but please leave some for me!

  5. Allan

    A German beer icon – the symbol of Hamburg. Malt and spice, can be sharp on the tongue. Strong kick means you won’t forget it.

  6. Marcus Wellings

    Tried in Hamburg loved the drink glad I’ve found a uk supplier.
    Crisp clear taste goes down well best served chilled

  7. Steve Hawkins

    Chocolate malt on the nose. When sipped, it’s quite a harsh, chocolate kick, but with a creamy touch too. The finish is a dash of milk chocolate along with a strong bitterness.

  8. George Norman

    If you can’t get your fix of Hamburg then this is the next best thing. Served in every bar this is a symbol of Hamburg its now a symbol of the city. Its A lovely light refreshing beer that does not give you banging headache! Go one try a few, You wont regret it!

  9. Neil Harrington

    Cracking beer, brings back all the good memories of Hamburg seeing this in your fridge, if you want it, beers of europe got it !. #stpauli

  10. Andy Nichols

    Classic tasting German beer. Great tasting beer, great bottle.

  11. daniel jones

    Very nice lager. I had this for the first time in 2020 in Berlin just before lockdown. I personally thing it’s nice and smooth, easy drinking. Every time I order from BOE this is always in my basket.

  12. DSK

    Now I know why everyone loves this beer and why it sells out quite quickly here – it’s simply delicious! As mentioned by others, it’s a classic and it’s delightfully drinkable.

  13. Paul C

    Been to Germany a few times but never Hamburg,so a first time for this beer.
    Smooth,crisp with malty flavours.
    Unique taste that’s hard to describe but really enjoyable.
    Love the bottle shape.
    Got a kick to it- will definitely have again.

  14. Christine Law

    My partner lived in Hamburg for a few years and this is his favourite beer. Bought twice now as presents and he loves it. Great service with quick delivery and communication throughout with delivery. Will order again soon

  15. Paul Boniface

    A mild pils flavoured with some spices. Nothing much wrong with it but not one of my favourites.

  16. David Devaney

    I love this beer. I first had it in Hamburg when the bar we were in had no Becks Gold; been back to Hamburg since and drank.nothing but Astra. A proper beer from the hesat of St. Pauli. Tastes great and goes down well. Best thing for me was no hangover. Plus it always reminds me of two great trips. Would recommend to anyone

  17. Kul

    Mild, slightly spicy, a little thin on the palate a good pilsner but not really for me.

  18. Nandezzz

    Always drink this when I’m in Hamburg – it’s one of the things I look forward to when I’m travelling there.. it’s the beer that says you’ve arrived in the City. It’s refreshing, clean, has more punch than you can taste but won’t give you a heavy head in the morning! Great beer – I had no idea it was available in the UK.. I suspect I’ll be keeping it in supply from now on..

  19. Barrie Taylor

    Has a bit of an after taste, but still a nice drink

  20. Mr S

    Ok but not sure after the taste, I gave it a 3/5 score from me.

  21. Chris Meechan

    Quite a nice pilsner. Light, clean and malty.

  22. Paul Massey

    Nice German Pilsner,I enjoy German beers and this has become a favourite.

  23. Ryan Winson

    I once visited Hamburg and didn’t get the chance whilst I was there to try Astra so I’m really glad that I now have. I enjoyed it, wish I tried it when in Hamburg but I will certainly order this again.