Beer Valley Brewing Co

Founded in Eastern Oregon by Peter Ricks in 2005, Beer Valley Brewing is a small and independently owned microbrewery. Specializing in strong ales, with rich and full flavours, Beer Valley Brewing has created extreme beer drinking experiences. Production began in 2007 and since then, Beer Valley brewing has produced over six brands of beers with additional seasonal additions.

How it’s made

Beer Valley creates their famous tasting beers in Ontario and are highly secretive about their beer making process, however they do offer special tours.

The taste

Monstrously bold flavours have shocked beer enthusiasts that want to test the edge of their sensory perception. The depth and complexity created from the use of eight different malts and four hop varieties in their famous Black Flag Imperial Stout is tantalizing to the tongue. Other varieties include Highway to Ale Barley Wine, a celebration of the pioneering spirit and a long tradition of brewing. The malt character is achieved from months of fermenting before release, which also creates a floral and citrusy flavour that refreshes. The charm of the beer creates a sense of appreciation and it also pairs well with a rich desert. With a range of beers that quench the thirst with an abundance of hops, their crisp and clean flavours dominate the palate and order for another mouthful. 

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