Bear Republic

Although created by a team of racecar drivers, Bear Republic is certainly not rushed ale. The family owned and team orientated brewery is driven to hand craft their beers using quality ingredients which have led them to achieve a multi award winning status. Founded by third and fourth generation Sonoma County residents, it all began with a love for home brewing. The enthusiasm delivered from the creators of this fine craft, is clear from the taste obtained. The attention to detail and a traditional yet unique fermenting process has resulted in a brand of beer worth relishing.

How it’s made

Bear Republic is known for employing hopheads. You read correctly, hopheads. Made with a diverse blend of many hops and in most cases hand chosen by employees, Bear Republic is famous for their special hop drying process. From this unique process, a tea is created which is then added to the primary fermenters, resulting in the aroma that people love so much. Bear Republic describe their beers as real ales as they never filter. It also stays in the bottle for secondary fermentation for two weeks before export, in order to create a creamy and richer taste, which enhances the flavour.


The huge aromas created from the fermenting process excite the senses and generate an appreciation for adventure. Bold, roasty stouts with caramel hints can accompany grilled meats and salty cheeses, awakening your taste buds in to action. Bear Republic also create complex recipes such as Red Rocket, the brew of choice for mountain bikers, which pairs perfectly with rich dishes made with beef, pork and even wild game. Chilly lovers would love the specialty ale that is, Hop Rod Rye. An earthy taste with a kick of chilly surprises and satisfies. To be enjoyed with smoked meats and chilly dishes, the taste is one to savour. Any one of Brand Republic’s fresh beers is guaranteed to have you wondering, why haven’t I tried one of these before?

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