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Australian Wine

Australia is the 7th largest wine producer on our planet and the wines are known to be some of the best of the best.  This is not something that Australians would simply like you to believe, but a fact that is confirmed again and again at international wine shows.  Australia ranks 16th in the wine drinking nations and 4th in wine exporting countries.  Some 100 different countries worldwide sell Australian wines, and some of the best restaurants have the wines on their lists.

Australian Wine Regions
At present, there are no less than 68 different wine regions.  However, being such a good industry, this number keeps on growing.  Some of the most acclaimed wine regions include:

    Adelaide Hills
    Hunter Valley
    Clare Valley
    Barossa Valley
    Fleurieu Peninsula

    Interesting Australian Wine Facts
    Did you know that the wine box, or wine cask, which was used before we all started to use the soft pack, was invented in Australia?  Also, every international wine show in which Australia has participated has seen the country be awarded numerous prizes.  They also hold the record for the price of a single bottle.  Some 78% of all wineries in Australia have so called “cellar doors”, more and more of these are opening up in order to become full wine regions.  Some 29% of wineries have their own restaurant, 11% also operate as a hotel and there are even some that offer a theatre and opera facilities.  Numerous wineries organise annual festivals to celebrate wine.

    One other interesting fact is that some of the oldest grape vines in the world can be found in Australia.  A lot of the established vineyards in Europe were completely destroyed in the 1800s by phylloxera, a plant disease.  The only plants that survived were the ones that were brought to Australia.

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