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Armenian Brandy & Cognac

Armenian Brandy

Armenian Brandy production is no joke. You may well be surprised to hear that statistics show that in 2013 over 20 million litres of brandy was produced by the Armenians, with them consuming over 1.8 million of it. Brandy, as well as other spirits, is produced with pride in Armenia, particularly within its capital, Yerevan. It is claimed that Yerevan has more brandy factories per capita in the city compared to any other in the world.

Interesting Armenian Brandy Facts

While Winston Churchill was attending the Yalta Conference he tried some Armenian brandy given to him by Joseph Stalin. He was so impressed with it that he asked for cases to be delivered to him each year. It is said that around 400 bottles of Armenian brandy were sent every year to Churchill for him to enjoy.

It was no doubt with this connection in mind that a bottle of Armenian brandy was presented to the then UK Prime Minister, David Cameron as a gift by Russian president, Vladimir Putin in 2013.

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