Anderson Valley Brewing Co

Legend has it that the first Europeans to discover The Anderson Valley, stumbled across it after chasing a wounded deer. The breathtaking beauty of the Valley, enticed the travellers and if the legend is true, had it not have been for the traveller’s discovery, Anderson Valley brewing may have never existed. Kenneth Anderson who had a dream to create the smoothest ales available anywhere founded the brewery in 1987. Anderson Valley brewing has a rich history, beginning in The Buck house Saloon. The gleaming stainless steel vats brewed fermented barley and other specialist grains in order to create a legendary taste. The popularity of the beer grew rapidly over the years and so to meet demand, a state of the art, three-storied Bavarian styled brew house was built in 1998. After a successful career as a brewer, Ken Allen retired and his successor, Fal Allen, returned to the brewery to continue producing one of the most highly awarded craft ales in the U.S.

 How it’s made

The ale begins in the famous taproom, home to old style copper kettles that were rescued from a German brewer during a trip to Europe. With an impressive list of ongoing awards, Anderson Valley Brewing is known for its exceptional craftsmanship. The company itself is very ecologically conscious, refusing to have even a lawnmower and opting for eight goats to mow the lawn instead!

The taste

With honey drenched malts and rich hop undertones, the taste of Anderson Valley Beers are well balanced with a crisp finish. Hints of citron and roses revitalize the senses and the herbal finish makes you feel as if you have ventured into a forest of flavor. A great compliment to garlic fries, chunky chicken curries and sharp cheddar cheeses, there is no mistaking the legendary taste of Anderson Valley beers.

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