Alize Gold Passion
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Alize Gold Passion

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Alize Gold Passion is one of the stars of the Alize range. It is made by elegantly blending the intense flavours of the exotic passion fruit with unmistakably French vodka and Alize V.S Cognac. The final product is a vodka liqueur with a clean and smooth taste which brings out the best in the passion fruit and spirit alike.

This taste sensation is very versatile, and can be served neat or in cocktails such as the Golden Margarita. As well as cocktails, it works well mixed with champagne or apple juice. It is bright golden in appearance and the fruit is clear on the nose, with the passion fruit leading the peach, pineapple and tangerine in the intense aroma. The ripe fruit doesn’t disappear, staying on the palate and lingers in the finish to create an everlasting impression of the first time you tried this superb liqueur.

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