Aldaris (Carlsberg) Cider

Aldaris (Carlsberg)
Boasting of centuries of existence, Aldaris (Carlsberg) Group has been producing beer in excess of 17 brands. Among the most popular, the oldest and that carries the company name is Aldaris. This is a variety of high quality light beer that is characteristically Latvian in heritage and profoundly trendy in the whole of UK and beyond. The brand enjoys generations of brewing expertise and has therefore cut a market niche that no other can equal. It enjoys a rich generational tradition that has culminated in a perfect masterpiece treasured by many. When it comes to getting your friends and colleagues together, this brand is the perfect choice.

How the beer is made
The process of making Aldaris (Carlsberg) is guided by a unique and outstanding recipe. This recipe is informed by a rare generational and traditional Latvian body of tradition passed from one generation to the other. The brewing process involves sourcing for three different types of sweet barley and mixing them with hops and other natural ingredients such as cider apples and fruits. The sweet barley is used to give this light beer a sweet taste while hops are used to provide some form of bitterness and a refreshing hoppy whiff. The process of brewing this beer is therefore perfected by deep experience and knowledge that has stood the test of time and therefore flawless and water-tight.

Exceptional flavours
From one generational to the other and over a long period of time, Aldaris (Carlsberg) has been produced in high quality flavours. Every single one of is carefully brewed and perfected using traditional yet unique and effective brewing expertise. For those who enjoy take-away experiences, there is Aldaris Zelta Cider can flavour. Others include Porteris, Zelta Grapefruit, Dizais Gambrinus, Zelta Black and Saimnieku. There is therefore no reason for any thirsting throat not to take advantage of these refreshingly unique flavours.

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