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Adnams Brewery

Adnams Brewery was first started back in 1872 by George and Ernest Adnams when they bought the Sole Bay Brewery. (An Interesting fact about the founders of Adnams, is that George Adnams wasn’t fond of his new life in Suffolk so he moved to South Africa where he was later eaten by a crocodile). While Adnams are best known for their beer and pubs they also have hotels and their own brand of hand crafted spirits in the Adnams portfolio.

The Adnams brand heritage is long and well respected with them producing brilliant products from Adnams Broadside to Adnams First Rate Gin. While Adnams always looks back at their history in pride they are always looking to improve and move forward with new products and projects.

Since the 1970s, Adnams brewery has been growing in size as well as improvements to their brewing equipment which is continually updated to make sure they only produce high quality beer for their customers.

Of course one thing that everyone recognises with the Adnams beers is the iconic ribbon logo which was introduced to us all in 1999.

Over the years Adnams Beers have many awards including the Star of Excellence in Brussels in 1953. They also won the Challenge Cup for their beer at the Brewers Exhibition beating a huge 755 other companies back in 1953 and 1954.

In recent year the Adnams Company has seen many changes, including the building of their Adnams Copper House Distillery. This has allowed them to produce Adnams Gin, Vodka and Absinthe some of which have won trophies at the international wine & spirits competition.

This year Adnams are bringing in lots of new equipment including refrigeration equipment and waste tanks. The introducing of new equipment is part of a project to bring extra tanks into the brewery to help with their kegging line.

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