Addlestones Cider

Addlestones Cider
For over a century now, Shepton Mallet in Somerset has been the base for super quality cider milling. With these vast years of outstanding and incomparable milling experience, there is every reason for a super-genius maturity in cider processing and therefore no doubt in the formulation of a distinct and superbly produced Cider. In the year 1986 a team of professional cider millers with the highest standards of cider milling and processing, came up with this mouth-watering and sensory -arousing Addlestones Cloudy Premium Cider. This is what exemplifies maturity in brewing in its prime state. It is no wonder the product is the most appealing to lager and beer users all at the same time.

Perfection in the making Process
The process of making this high quality brand involves laser-perfection in its recipe, selection of cider and fermentation of the same. A local supply of bittersweet cider apples from Somerset sets off the process while an inimitable recipe is used in its making. To ensure the brand satisfies just what the pleasure-seeking and smooth-taste loving user would like, a double fermentation process is used. This brings about a taste that is irresistible and deeply satisfying. In addition to being fermented twice, the cider apples are not filtered at any stage. This causes active yeast and natural residue of cider apples meaning that Addlestones is a natural and ever evolving product.

Distinguishing Flavour
Bittersweet is an understatement on the flavour of Addlestones. In its dazzling and golden natural cloudy richness, there is no flavour like it in the taste-buds of its loyal consumers. All its consumers have been amazed at how it goes down the throat in a smooth, calm and rounded manner. It is not surprising therefore that it is the most preferred cider in the whole of UK and other parts of the world where they have had the opportunity to decipher its flavour.

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