Zwarte Kip Advocaat
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Zwarte Kip Advocaat

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Zwarte Kip Advocaat is an advocaat that was first made in 1857 and is currently owned by Dutch company Lucas Bols. This advocaat is still made using old traditional recipes which are based on free range eggs. One thing that really makes Zwarte Kip Advocaat stand out is its distinctively recognizable shaped bottle.

The preparation for the production of Zwarte Kip Advocaat takes a long time, this is mainly due to the time it takes to exact the fresh egg yolks needed to gives the advocaat it’s yellow colour. Beside from the fresh egg yolks other ingredients used in its creation includes little amounts of kirsch, vanilla and citrus peel extracts which helps to add a thick cream texture while increasing the taste.

Our recommendations is that Zwarte Kip Advocaat can be enjoyed straight, in a range of cocktails or can even be used as a topping on different desserts.

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