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A notable brand of Soviet (Russian) beer. The original brewery was founded in Samara in 1881 by an Austrian entrepreneur Alfred von Vacano. The original brand was named Viennese Beer (as of - beer from Vienna), but in 1934 Soviet authorities renamed it to "Zhigulevskoye Beer" to eradicate a bourgeois name.

Back in the USSR, this was at times virtually the only beer brand; also a brand you could find guaranteed anywhere in the country. Lack of other beers was so obvious, that a famous satire was created, when a Soviet man is granted 1 hour in a government warehouse, where anything can be found. When asked what kind of beer he would want, he can't come up with anything else but "... I don't know..., maybe... Zhigulevskoye?..."

Zhigulevskoye beer has a distinct strong semi-spicy and semi-bitter taste.
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