Woods 100 Old Navy Rum
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Woods 100 Old Navy Rum

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Woods 100 Old Navy is a Guyanese rum that links back to the time of British Imperialism. Made from the finest demerara sugar cane, it is distilled in Guyana and bottled at 57%, the ABV once served on British Navy ships, which makes it one of the highest alcohol content dark rums available. It is made using traditional pot stills and can be consumed neat or as a mixer in a cocktail.

This is rich, dark rum with a powerful aroma of toffee, thick caramel and a heavy spice. The sugar is evident on the palate with soft spice and toffee notes detectable. It remains smooth despite the ABV and carries itself effortlessly with a thick and syrupy finish. You don’t need sea legs to appreciate this masterpiece.

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