Woodfordes Wherry Home Brew Kit
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Woodfordes Wherry Home Brew Kit

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Woodforde’s Wherry Home Brew Kit gives you the ability to brew 40 pints of one of the best Woodforde’s beers in the comfort of your own home using a mixture of malts, hops, water & yeast.

This Woodforde’s brew kit has been put together by award winning brewery, Woodforde’s who are located in Norfolk. The kit itself follows their own formulation which you know will produce a great brew for you and anyone else you wish to show your brewing efforts off to.

The Woodforde’s Wherry brew that you produce should have an amber appearance with a taste that is well balanced with a creamy golden, syrupy bitter flavour with a lengthy finish that loses little flavour.

Please be aware that you will need brewing equipment to be able to use this brew kit, all of which you can find if you visit us in store. If you are new to home brewing you will find plenty of helpful tutorials , hints and tips online.

Woodforde’s Wherry has won many awards over the years including Gold in 1996 Supreme Champion Beer of Britain and Bronze in 2005 as well as a number of Champion Bitter of Britain awards.

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