Weltenburger Hefe-weissbier Dunkel
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Weltenburger Hefe-weissbier Dunkel

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Weltenburger Kloster is the second oldest brewery in the world, formed in 1050, losing out to Weihenstephaner by a single decade and has continuously produced top quality beer since, apart from 1803-1858 when the Benedictine monastery was dissolved during the Napoleonic period. Weltenburger Kloster currently brew several styles including Pils, Bocks and, of course, weissbiers.
The Weltenburger Hefe-weissbier Dunkel is brewed from old recipes that adhere to Bavarian tradition and it is a dark beer that is full bodied and well balanced. The fresh ingredients such as the hops and malt produce an expressive beer that is mild and genuine packed with Bavarian tradition and a top reputation.
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