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Weird Beard Something Something Darkside

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Something Something Darkside is a double India stout. A deep black in colour, this is a beer that transcends styles. The use of Pacific Gem and Citra kettle hops and dry hopping from the same, plus Simcoe and Citra, make it incredibly hoppy and bitter whilst there are also roasty notes present from the use of dark malts. These bold, dark flavours are softened with molasses and honey.


The aroma is packed with hoppy notes, pine and spruce with touches of mango and grapefruit and a undercurrent of coffee and chocolate. Mildly sweet in flavour with roasted malts and a bright, fruity hop bitterness. Some dry bitterness and light floral notes in the finish, this is wonderfully balanced black IPA.

Bourbon barrel aged versions called Something Something Barrel Aged are also available.


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