Weird Beard Saison 14
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Weird Beard Saison 14

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Saison 14 is a French/Belgian Farmhouse beer brought to you by Weird Beard.




It has been brewed to pair yeast notes with hoppy ones.

Sorachi Ace is used to dry hop this beer, giving herbal and sherbet aromas which brighten the subtle bready malt flavours. Saison years adds a orange peel and dried fruit aroma with a dry, lingering finish.


A golden beer with an aromatic nose of tropical fruits, honeyed yeast esters and a tart citric note. On the palate, full bodied with some fruitiness, plenty of wheat spiciness and noticeable hop flavours. Dry but with enough fruity sweetness to make it very moreish.



Saison 14 is a good example of a saison style beer and should be served cold.



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