Warsteiner 5 Litre Can/mini keg
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Warsteiner 5 Litre Can/mini keg

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Warsteiner was first founded in 1753 by Antonius Cramer, after the German government taxed him for his high output of beer. Since he was paying tax, he decided he may as well make it a business and thus Warsteiner was born. 1803 saw the business move into a new brewing pub and a new soft water source found in the forest of Arnsberg improved the quality of the brew. Fast forward 9 Cramer generations and today Warsteiner is an extremely popular beverage, especially with those who served in Germany. It is now exported to over 60 countries worldwide but still maintains the strong leadership and quality ingredients that make it what it is today.

Alongside the classic 500ml bottle, Warsteiner is available from Beers of Europe in a 5 litre Mini Keg. Still at 4.8%, still with no artificial flavours or additives and the same clean refreshing taste.
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