Warres Late Bottled Vintage 2004
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Warres Late Bottled Vintage 2004

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Warres was alone for many years in continuing to make LBV in the same way as it had been made for generations; bottled without any fining or filtration after some 4 years of ageing in cask.

This port is then matured in bottle for at least another 4 years. This prolonged bottle ageing is crucial to the development of the superb nose and flavour which lends this port a style and complexity very much akin to that of vintage port. Warres LBV is generally acknowledged to be the finest of its type.

This wine is superb with cheese, nuts and dried fruits after a meal.

Warres LBVs have amassed an unparalleled 6 gold medals at the International Wine Challenge, the worlds biggest and most prestigious wine competition. No other producer comes remotely close to this remarkable achievement.


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