Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin
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Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin

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Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin is a wonderful British spicy gin that is pale pink in colour with a dominating and robust rhubarb flavour.

Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin has real provenance, made using a crop of rhubarb that was originally grown in the kitchen gardens of Buckingham Palace during the reign of Queen Victoria. Since then, it has been on quiet a journey with half of the crop being sent to the Vice Regal Lodge in Dublin, which later became the President’s house. It has now made its way back to Crown Estate land in Lincolnshire, where it is being organically grown by Fraser M Key. The crop remaining in the grounds of Buckingham Palace was destroyed during The War, making the rhubarb used in this gin very special indeed.

The base of Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin is made with Warner Edwards Dry Gin which includes 11 botanicals. The rhubarb is frozen to break it down and once thawed is squeezed through a cider press. Sugar is then added to balance the acidity of the rhubarb before it is blended with the dry gin.

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