Virgin Gorda Rum
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Virgin Gorda Rum

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Virgin Gorda Rum is a perfectly balanced blend of rums from Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica, all of which are produced by the distillation of fermented sugar cane in pot stills. Following distillation, the rums are aged in old American oak bourbon barrels and achieve an average age of 7 years, with 20% of 8 year old rum included in the blend.


Each rum brings something different to the blend. Trinidad provides refreshing notes and vanilla characteristics. Jamaica adds body and a strong backbone, thanks to the molasses and Barbados gives the strongest woody, aged characteristics, being the oldest rum of the blend with 8 years ageing.


Brilliant golden is colour with a beautifully intense nose with natural vanilla notes and creamy toffee aromas. Full bodied on the palate with an initial sweetness followed by the rich, bourbon-like vanilla. Smooth and incredibly long.


Virgin Gorda Rum is free from colour, aroma or flavour additives.
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