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Urthel Hop It

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Hildegard returned from the Anchorage Barleywine Festival, January 2005, inspired by the wonderfully hoppy beers she tried there. Barleywines, IPA, Double IPA and all manner of over-the-top beers sparked her creative impulse and the result is Belgium's first Belgian Style IPA, Urthel Hop-It of 9.5% ABV.


With the creation of Urthel Hop-It, Hildegard started a new trend in the Belgian Art of Brewing which inspired her colleagues in the following years.

Urthel Hop-It is brewed with only malt (pils) and three European Nobel hops. It's a truly unique beer for hop lovers. Pale golden in colour with billowing white foam, the nose is hoppy and spicy.

On the pallet, Urthel Hop-It is very hoppy and intoxicatingly bitter but curiously well balanced. The malt and hops intertwine in a beautiful expression of complexity, contrast and complementary flavour. This makes Urthel Hop-It original, unequalled and a beer to enjoy with good friends.


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