Thurn and Taxis Dunkle Weiss
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Thurn and Taxis Dunkle Weiss

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Bought by Paulaner in 1996, Thurn and Taxis is a Munich brewery born from the Thurn and Taxis family. The family is famous in Germany for the creation of the countries postal service, which has even inspired a Thurn and Taxis board game where you make your own post routes, crazy. Choosing their beer over their board game is probably the right choice in the meantime so as a reward we will tell you a bit about the beer.


The Thurn and Taxis Dunkle Weiss is brewed with the finest dark malts, which marry perfectly with the tang of the wheat beer and it has a spicy aroma. At 5.5% this is not to be taken lightly despite being fresh and very easy to drink. This is a strong, dark and full bodied beer perfect for consumption at any time of the year.


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